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NACCC Weekend

The NACCC is a two-day race event that simulates the real-life tasks of a bicycle courier’s work day. Riders pick-up and drop-off the most parcels possible at various checkpoints along the race course. Each rider must strategically plan their own route along the course in order to deliver the most amount of parcels possible within the limited time allowed. 


Day one will include a qualification round where each rider will need to earn their way into the main race. We expect over 300 bicycle couriers will compete to qualify but only the top 100 times will get to race in the main event. 


Day two is the main event. One hundred racers will start at the same time with one of five task sheets randomly given to each rider. Riders must complete all five task sheets. The first rider to complete all five is crowned the Champion of North America. 


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Official race days were September 2nd-3rd, 2017